Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

Cooperation with Employers



The economy today makes high demands on the level and content of vocational training of workers employed in it. Joining the Bologna process has brought a great change in education of Kazakhstan. In the state program of development of education and the main parameters and stages of reform. Now, the main focus of education should be on the competencies and skills of future graduates, their suitability for practical use. In this regard, in the bachelor's and master's degree programs the bulk of the training time is devoted to general and vocational training.


Despite this, the system of higher education now is not able to fully meet the demands of the labor market - not the quality of education, not just in terms of production workers who are necessary for its successful operation. The degree of orientation of educational programs on the labor market is a key indicator of the effectiveness of higher education and quality training. Vocational education must be responsive to the needs of the labor market, focusing on the changing situation. Apart from the professional competencies  employees are required to have ability, versatility, flexibility, ability to work in different bands, quickly adopt new technologies. It is therefore necessary manif




Employer is the interested side in determining the goals and results of university training. Today the relevance of the contribution of business, employers in setting objectives and content of education has increased. In fact, the development of education must involve two equal parties - employers (business) and the academic community.
Because of this change the strategy of universities to ensure graduates of professional competencies that meet the requirements of the labor market changes. The main vector of the present day is to create a system of effective interaction with university employers aimed at establishing long-term mutually beneficial partnership.



Feedback and subsequent employment of KSU graduates have their regional specific character. Under the auspices of the University a regional education cluster is formed, it allows to lay a legal and financial basis to embed the university in the innovation and technological infrastructure of the region's economy.

A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University cooperates with enterprises of different ownership forms. The work involves:

  • development of a common strategy of interaction between structural divisions of the university with employers;
  • active participation of departments in cooperation with strategic partners from employers that have a significant influence on the labor market;
  • attracting employers to participate in the education process, evaluation of educational programs, correcting the curriculum;
  • involving employers in cooperative work with the university research and production activities;





Areas of activities of creating a system of effective interaction of the university with enterprises - employers


Improving the educational process


  • Developing educational programs and updating of curricula, creating a list of competencies for each educational program by request of employers. Departments with training and methodical department monitor competencies demanded by employers and update the educational process in accordance with the results of monitoring.
  • Enhancing the practice-oriented focus of the educational process. The focus on educational programs to teach practical skills and receive practical training, including programs focused on entrepreneurship; change the content of training courses, the transfer of parts of lessons directly on the production, innovation in methods of teaching and organization of the educational process.    
  • Work of branches of university departments in enterprises - the ability to combine the strengths of science and industry for the training of competitive specialists , the possibility for the employer to be directly and systematically involved in the training process .
  • Targeted training of specialists for the enterprise, including the formation of study groups by enterprises. By order of the enterprise a group of students may be formed according to the agreed curriculum. In this case, the company guarantees the graduate employment after graduation provided its success.
  • Developing practice-oriented term papers, diploma papers and their implementation on the request of the enterprises, employers, which ensures the relevance, practical value and work of a graduate in enterprise.
  • Participation of representatives of the enterprise in the educational process - involving representatives of the employer - experts to teach certain courses and disciplines.
  • External quality assessment of the educational process - a tool for assessing the quality of the educational process which is carried out by a survey of employers and graduates.
  • Training of teachers in company is carried out in order to update teachers’ skills
  • Training of employees of enterprises in master and doctoral programs. KSU promotes personnel of partner enterprises by attracting for postgraduate and doctoral studies.











Employment and competitiveness of students and graduates


  • Help graduates get employed. The successful employment of graduates in accordance with their specialty is a key criterion for the success of the educational process. KSU does not only help students get employed, but also creates conditions for them to get work experience working with employers while studying.

  • Organization of practice, field classes, internships in enterprises. KSU enhances practice- oriented focus of the educational process in order to gain l work experience.
  • Formation of the graduates’ competence directed to effectively employment. KSU develops graduates’ competence, leadership skills, constructive communication skills, teamwork, negotiation, thereby ensuring the process of employment.


  • Promoting the development of student business projects and entrepreneurial initiatives. KSU help students run their own business taking into account their success in business, as one of the competitive advantages of training at KSU.





Science and Innovation


  • Organization of cooperative scientific work with enterprises. KSU carries out research and development by order of companies and together with student's scientific subdivisions.
  •  Using technical facilities of the enterprise in the classroom and research activities.


  • KSU uses technical facilities and equipment of the partners’ enterprises for students to master the modern equipment and technologies.






  • Organization of different regional forums for the development of interaction with employers (Forums of KSU trustees and employers, the Alumni and Trustees Association, meetings with government officials and employers of the region, vacancy fairs, etc.)
  • Organization of the work of the Board of Alumni and Trustees Association. It is the link between the university, employers and alumni. The university makes a list of privileges for the members and maintains its image.
  • Organization of the work of the Boards of Trustees of the faculties.