Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

Association of Alumni and Trustees of KSU



This site is - the ability to keep abreast of all the developments taking place in our large family, to get information, to be constantly together. Let our communication become a good tradition that this information project supports. Dear graduates, we believe that additional resources will be found with your help, and our overall capacity will be used to further development of our native KSU, that our university would take its rightful place in the world educational space.

Education, employment, career, well-being –

these priorities are necessary to achieve the goals.




- Meeting of graduates is not only pleasant memories, but also a real opportunity to help native university, which is largely predetermined your subsequent success and the achievement of results. The good news is that the graduates of the university, freely competing in the job market, successfully work in a variety of industries both in Kazakhstan and abroad ... However, years later, each of them has kept the spirit of the university and wants to return to its walls. Special spirit that prevails here makes us members of one big family - the rector of KSU Askar Nametov considers.



Since 2011 there is an Association of Alumni and Trustees of the University for creating multilateral, long term and strong relations between the university and its graduates and trustees. In June 2012 the first Forum of the Association of Alumni and Trustees of A.Baitursynov KSU was held.



—    There are a lot of graduates of KSU in Kazakhstan. And many of us are united by Association of Alumni of our University. In addition, we hope to get together through simple human interaction and the joy of meeting with those who shared with us unforgettable student life - assured Bukhmetov Amanzhol Kasymbekovich, a Commercial Director of JSC "Agromash-holding" and Block Sergei Ivanovich, director of "Milkh" - graduates of KSU. 


Kostanay regional public organization "Association of Alumni and Trustees of A. Baitursynov Kostanay State University " brings together on a voluntary basis senior students and university graduates, business leaders and government agencies, all citizens seeking to participate in improving the quality of education. The association aims to promote the advancement professional education, sustainable development and the formation of the university as a center of highly qualified professional specialists in Northern Kazakhstan, and their employment.





MISSION of the Association of Alumni and Trustees of KSU:

The Association aims to maintain and develop the tradition of the university and the purpose to keep its spirit and priorities, provide financial support for the development and improvement of facilities of the university, quality of education and social objectives. It serves as a bridge for the development of friendly relations and is important to maintain close contact between graduates and the university.



Association of Alumni and Trustees of KSU is a unification of efforts of the university, government and business structures aimed at the development of the university and training qualified specialists for the innovative development of Kostanay region and the country as a whole.

To achieve the goal the Association sets the following




1. Collaborative development of educational programs:

• Defining educational programs (specializations) in accordance with the needs of employers and the labor market;

• Preparation on individual programs, including the program of governance and a quality management system;

• Retraining of existing staff (training in modern technology, psycho-analytical management skills).



2. Collaborative scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables to   improve the quality of education:

• Identification of professional competence (possession of practical skills, logical thinking, creativity, scientific approach to the job);

• Defining demands for a specialist (professional quality, education in the spirit of patriotism and intelligence, teamwork, management skills);

• Analysis of the quality of education under the principle of "Minimum knowledge".



3. Creating branches of departments to enhance the practice-oriented focus of training:

• Gaining practical knowledge and skills in working conditions;

• Organizing Education Cluster

• Conducting practical training directly in the workplace;

• Conducting professional practice in modern production;

• Writing degree works at the request of enterprises;

• Employment.


4. Assistance in employment of graduates:

• Organizing vacancy fairs;

• Making a contract with senior students (after practice) to work for a company.


5. Financial contribution to the training of personnel and development of the university:

• Targeted training commissioned by the company;

• Support for socially vulnerable, but the talented youth;

• Patronage aimed at the development of education;

• Financing business projects of university students and scientists;

• Creating collaborative ventures;

• Financial support of talented young scientists.


Members of the Association have initiated a lot of suggestions for collaborative development of educational programs for training, provision of material - technical basis for practical training (with the establishment of branches of chairs), supporting student research and business - to implement their projects in production, promote employment for graduates on their own enterprises, financial contribution to the training of personnel and development of the university (purchase of equipment), the creation of joint ventures for the introduction of scientific development, technology transfer, and more.




Alumni and Trustees Association is open for the dialogue and interaction with all relevant stakeholders, develop cooperation and partnership in order to realize common interests. The Association provides assistance to graduates of A.Baitursynov KSU, creating the possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation between graduates and the university, and contributes to strengthening the position of the university in the educational market. The team work of the Association contributes to the preservation and strengthening of team spirit for a worthy continuation of the fine traditions of the university.


Dear Graduates, welcome to the university!

All the news about you is important and necessary. We invite you to cooperation!