Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.



It is difficult to imagine any modern university system without the modern information technologies. KSU provides its students and the staff with the whole arsenal of possibilities. The basis of information infrastructure of Kostanai State University named after A.Baitursynov today is presented by extensive computer park and telecommunications complex.


The university has created a unified corporate telecommunication network, which has become a powerful platform for the development, implementation and use of new information and communication technologies.  The university telecommunications network includes more than 10 miles of network cable type "twisted pair», more than 7 km of fiber optic network. 10 servers based on Windows and UNIX- systems are used for its service.  The Internet access for all students, teachers and university staff is unlimited. Internet speed is increased up to 80 MB / s, and in this respect, our university is one of the leading places among the universities of Kazakhstan. There is an installed Wi-Fi in the university, which provides all students and teachers with the wireless access to information resources of KSU intranet and the Internet using personal computers in classrooms and public areas. It has become possible to use IP- telephony due to   connecting to the broadband Internet access and it is possible to use the installation «ID Phone».



Currently, the computing park of KSU contains about 1,000 personal computers based on processors Intel. Computing university  park is updated, 120-150 computers are annually bought. Average number of full-time students per computer is 8 people. Particular attention is paid to the use of multimedia in the classroom. To improve the quality of teaching and training students in the university about 30 multimedia installations, portable or permanently installed in the classrooms are used. University creates the necessary conditions for continuous improvement of the skills of the professors and  the teaching staff in the field of IT- technologies and attracts highly skilled programmers to work in the sector of software development.



Over the past 5 years, a considerable number of university management processes have been successfully automated. By using network technologies the following systems were developed , implemented and commissioned: ASU " Electronic school - Learning Process" , including the " Office of the Registrar " and distance learning system , internal informational and educational Web- portal University , ASU "Library" IRBIS 64 1C -Accounting , ASU "Personnel" subsystem " Archives ", corporate e-mail system and control access to the university system (ACS ) , with an internal TV station broadcasting to a corporate network , etc.


One of the main software packages used in the management of the educational process is automated "electronic high school - Learning Process", which consists of the following subsystems: Office receptionist Administration, curriculum, testing, Account students, evaluation of students results (electronic student's record-book ), Summer semester, generating reports, personal office student / graduate student, My Account advisors, etc. This system allows accounting information about students, their performance , manage the conduct of examinations and other forms of control, generate various reports. Entering in the outcome of a systematic monitoring of students' knowledge is carried out by teachers in the Personal Cabinet. This software package, developed by programmers of the university, are fully integrated into the internal informational and educational Web- portal of the University that allows handling system to receive online- mode current data on the performance of students and other necessary information.



Efficiency of the use of IT-technologies is  largely depends on the  quality of content . Along with the official website of the university at KSU interface add- on educational environment of the university - an internal web portal KSU (http://www.ksu.ku/) is  operated and developed. This mega resource is organized as a multi-level association of various resources and services in order to provide easy and convenient access from any computer on the corporate network to a variety of high school composition , structure, physical location of the data.


Distinct advantage using distance learning technologies - is its affordability and flexibility. Catching up on the job with the use of various forms of contacts with teachers , university students receive education on economic and legal professions. The latest technology training , combined with excellent technical equipment Distance Learning Centre allows you to prepare professionals to meet the highest requirements of the labor market. From a distance learning system Moodle at any time , students can study their discipline, complete assignments , leave and receive messages from teachers to pass various forms of controls , learn their scores and ratings - tolerance tests.



Automation of all processes, the availability of an educational portal that contains electronic versions of all training materials, the presence of extensive corporate network , which allows  any computer to access the university to all information resources - all this creates the necessary conditions for quality teaching and research , allows to move from traditional training to qualitatively new formation when search and obtaining information is virtually limitless.



In KSU libraries are among   the best. There is  a large choice of  literature, access to the funds is available  and electronic catalog with bar-coding , allowing to automate the process and reduce the time spent at work with readers . The faculties of open reading rooms, equipped with 160 computers with access to the Intranet and Internet. To ensure the safety fund " anti-theft " system is established.

Readers have free Internet access to leading foreign scientific and technical electronic resources Springer link, Thomson Reuters (Web of Knowledge), Sci Verse Scopus company Elsevier, the Republican Intercollegiate electronic library. The university has its own e-library, which amounts to more than 3600 entries, of which almost a third - the Kazakh language. In the educational process KSU uses electronic educational publications developed by professors and lecturers of the University and the publication of the author. Only in the last three academic years about 400 electronic publications have been designed and purchased, 270 are developed by the lectures of KSU. Fifth of electronic publications are developed in the state language.


Automated training systems used at the Faculty of Information Technology and Engineering Technology Department, include virtual labs, simulators and simulation modeling programs. Virtual Labs kits include the necessary teaching materials, testing programs, providing access to performance of work, as well as a virtual laboratory equipment. Virtual system allows students to perform independently laboratory work.



To achieve the strategic goal of global informatization  University developed the concept of informatization of KSU A.Baitursynov 2020. The main idea of this concept is to develop a unified approach to the development of qualitatively new information environment necessary for addressing the full range of tasks which will  increase the efficiency and quality of university functioning . Today we face the challenge of improving and maintaining  basically already created  unified information environment and support for educational, research and management and organizational activities of the university on the basis of the system using information technology in corporate and global networks.