Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

Board of Trustees of Faculties


A.Baitursynov Kostanai State University was the first to establish the institution of trustees. The boards of trustees as a collegial body of organization administration were introduced in Kazakhstan in 2007. That year on a voluntary basis the board of trustees was created at the Faculty of Law which included the first heads of law enforcement bodies of the region, heads of the maslikhat, state establishments and veterans of work. The next years such boards were created at other six faculties of university. Their structure included deans, employers, authorities, structures, enterprises and organizations the activities of which conform to the field of specialists of the given faculty, representatives of public organizations, funds, associations.

For example, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Faculty of Law is the prosecutor of the region and its members are the workers of judicial authorities, prosecutor's office and law enforcement bodies, and the Board of Trustees of the Faculty of Economics includes workers of banks, tax authority, departments of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This allows the boards of trustees of faculties to assist more professionally in resolving issues and the development of their faculties.


The head of the Board of Trustees of the faculty is its chairman elected at a Board of Trustees session. The sessions of the Board of Trustees of faculty are held in accordance with the plans of their work once or twice a year. The boards make decisions by voting a majority of the votes of its members; the decisions are advisory and recommendatory.


The board of trustees at KSU has become the basis of a transition to the new system of corporate governance. The chairmen of the boards of trustees of faculties are part of the supreme body of the corporate management of the University – the Board of Association of Alumni and Trustees at A.Baitursynov KSU. 


The boards of trustees are involved in educational process and contribute to improvement of quality of training specialists. In this respect, they are of great help to us in improving syllabus, elective course catalogue according to the needs of the labor market, creating practice base, branches of departments in enterprises, conducting classes for students and teaching staff at the university and directly in the workplace. Today our students do not only gain practical skills in mass-media, force structures, branches of banks, enterprises, but also do an internship, write thesis and finally they are employed.


Thanks to the development of cooperation with employers the university developed and implemented training courses on communication, successful interviewing, negotiating skills, team work, adapting at workplace (Business Etiquette), career management, career skills diagnostic, career portfolio development, making a professional resume as well as a review of the youth labor market (Psychology of a competitive person). Taking into account the views of the club editors of leading mass media of Kostanai the following courses were introduced in the educational programs of "Journalism" speciality: “Social Journalism”, “Modern Newspaper Design” and “Investigative Journalism”. At the suggestion of the Board of Trustees which includes the editors of leading mass media, there appeared a “creative day” in the schedule when students work in mass media organizations. It should be noted that during the meetings with the heads of insurance companies (NIC, BK- insurance, etc.) they found out that professionals with the knowledge of the insurance business based on actuarial calculations were not trained in the region.  As a result, there appeared a new "Insurance and Actuarial Mathematics" program in the catalogue of elective courses of “Mathematics” specialty. Heads of insurance companies invite students to practice and their specialists give elective courses. 



Chairmen of the Board of Trustees of faculties





Astafev Vladimir Leonidovich 


Director of Kostanay branch of “КazSRIMEA” LLP

Faculty of Engineering Technology


Dandybayev Bakhatur Alimbayevich 

Head of secretariat - deputy chairman of the regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan 

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Zhumashev Mirash Zhumashevich 

Director of Kostanay branch of SE “National bank” 

Faculty of Economics


Imanbayev Tolegen Kasymkhanovich 

Head of Kostanay  Regional Territorial Inspection the Committee of Veterinary Control and Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RK

Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Technology 


Kaibzhanov Marat Zholmagambetuly 

Prosecutor of Kostanay region 

Faculty of Law


Temirkhanov Khadjimurat Zhumabekovich 

General Director of Kostanay brunch  of  JSC “Kaztelecom” 

Faculty of Information Technology


Filipov Fedor Ilich 


Head of Agriculture Department of Kostanay region 

Agrarian and Biological Faculty


Kharchenko Sergey Vasilyevich 

Director, editor-in-chief  of “Kostanay news” – Chairman of the club of mass media editors of Kostanay region

"Journalism" speciality