Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

Where our students have lunch

As you know, students are often poor people, and they have too little money. But, nevertheless, everybody must eat. The basis of health is a proper diet and, as we know, it is impossible to be violated. Fortunately, there are enough "tasty" seats in our home university and around it.


There is a University canteen, which includes a student cafe "Bars", a student dining room and four buffets. Every day about 3,000 students and teaching staff eat here. The most important thing is that prices are low and everyone can afford to eat delicious and inexpensive meals.


Everyone is satisfied with the quality of food and prices, but there used to be long queues. Many students, not having had enough time to eat at lunchtime, had to attend the dining room during classes, that hindered learning. Now a few changes have been made in the schedule. On different threads there have been put the sliding hour "window" after the 4th, 5th or 6th class. So students come to the cafe at different times, and now there are no queues.


The majority of students believe that a university canteen is in the hands of a private businessman, but it is not so. A canteen is entirely state. Food products are purchased at the contest of public procurement. Hence prices for meals are not just acceptable, but they are even the lowest of all the educational institutions of the city.


According to Gabit Amanzhulov, the director of a student canteen, the menu here is nearly the same as in the Soviet dining room: the first and the second courses, salads, cakes, pies, pastries, chocolate and drinks. But this was done on purpose. There are no hamburgers, cheeseburgers and hot dogs, so as not to arouse students’ gastric disorders and obesity. Professional chefs with years of experience cook meals so that they do not taste different from domestic ones.


Coming to the canteen every day, you can see the crowds of students waiting for their turn. After payment their faces are not frustrated, because the prices are so reasonable that students will not even notice that the amount of cash in their wallets reduced. And the most important fact is that the staff of the canteen is so active and fast that after some time the students are having fun enjoying a break between classes.


Gabit Amanzhulov is sure that the canteen staff perform a very important and responsible mission:

- The meal cooked with love and served with a smile is a medicine for soul and body. We try to work so that both students and teaching staff attend our canteen with joy and, having tried our meals, they would get health, energy and extra forces. We want them to communicate in our café, canteen and buffets and feel well and comfortable like at home. We can arrange different parties, anniversaries, birthday parties. Also you can order domestic meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Here are some students’ opinions:

Zhanna: “I eat in the canteen every day. I’m satisfied with the prices. I’m grateful to chefs for delicious meals!”

Dina: “I think the prices are a little bit high, but I have nothing to do. There is a good choice in the menu, and I like it!”


“Bars” café became very popular among students. “Bars” has modern interior, and young people who come to the café to have a good time with their friends or to spend their free time between classes, feel cozy and comfortable. “Bars” is not only a favorite place for hungry students. There is Wi-Fi, so students can work, rest and have lunch at the same time.




The canteen, which is situated in the university library, information and educational centre “Bilim Ortalygy”, is very convenient for students. If you work at the library you can at the same time eat delicious cheap meals and further continue your work.


Also our students like to eat and spend their time in the buffets of the Law, Economic, Engineering and Veterinary faculties. Interior design is also worth paying attention to. Furniture, its color and all the other parts of nice interior combined let the students have a cozy place for good rest. There are no hot meals there, but, in comparison with the canteen, the choice of pastries, chocolate and drinks is much bigger. The first and second courses are not suggested by sanitary regulations.


We try to do all our best for our students, and such places as canteens and buffets is an inseparable contribution to proper nutrition of our youth. In a short term perspective university authority plan to open some more buffets in the dormitories with the total number of 60 places. 


Student café “Bars”, Baitursynov street, 47 Building 1A, Basement, 866 square meters.  It serves the following faculties: Humanities, Law, Computer technologies.


Student canteen of information and educational center “Bilim Ortalygy”, Abai street, 28. There are 120 seats, 488 square meters. It serves the college and the following faculties: Engineering, Economic, Agro-Biological, Veterinary.



Canteen 1, Abai street, 28 (building 2), 90 seats, 158 square meters. It serves Economic and Agro-Biological faculties. 


Canteen  2, Abai street (building 3), 60 seats, 76,6 square meters. It serves college and Engineering faculty.


Canteen 3, Mayakovskiy street (building 4), 40 seats, 60 square meters. It serves Veterinary faculty.


Canteen 4, Baitursynov street (building 1B), 30 seats, 50 square meters. It serves Law faculty.